Monday, February 17, 2014

That Scandalous Enticement

I fell into the Scandal trap! Currently on my second episode and I cannot decide whether to keep blogging from my mobile or watch!

One eye on the tv and another on my mobile, why did I avoid this show? Maybe my lack of television love, or is it because it is a bit too close to the bone, or for comfort.

I can do without the heartbreaking affair,  but I will take everything else that's by her side.

From Olivia Pope's cold yet passionate demeanor, her fabulous wardrobe, to her sordid love affair, how can one not ne hooked? Did I mention I am going to be pulling all night study sessions for law school with renewed vigor. 

Cheers to the creators of this television show. It is a fantastic break from the newly monotonous world of books, but it begs the question... how much of the "real world" can we humans handle, and leaves room for the mind to wander past morale and conciousness, to the conspiracies of what really happens behind closed doors of these institutions.

What a brilliant guilty pleasure.

Pop Culture,  it is practically orgasmic.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thing's We Do: 20's

Recently you cannot move for online articles expressing the glory of enjoying your 20's and being the curious 20 something year old, I opted to try some new things....

Now I have done the "date someone completely wrong for you". Absolute disaster, and it begs the following:

 I have done the "Eat whatever you want!" ............My A** !!!!!!

Recently though I came across an invitation from a friend to a Society Dinner.

Looked like a bit of good fun and why not, so with my boyfriend along for the ride we attended said dinner.

Good fun translated too, are we over dressed? Followed by well let's eat the food!

Talk about thrown into an awkward situation at a few points, when the lights went out for the presentation I could have tap danced on the damn table.

When the lights came up, and we both got our needed share of "bep" (light sleep) and they announced the outside display, we zipped outside and got to the good stuff, Astro-photography, viewing the Moon and Jupiter. We were sorely disappointed the skies did not clear for the recent Super Nova viewing but all in all it was an experience............that can be ticked off the list, and next time we know the following:

1. Skip the Dinner.
2. Wear flip flops or sneakers or anything else that is comfortable.
3. Do not try to bep without having back support.
4. Appreciate that we do not all use the universal pronunciation of words, and try not to snicker, unless you really could not care less (if so good for you!).
5. Do not forget insect repellent. (Scars!)

Definitely one for the books.