Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love Time

"Love is of all passions the strongest for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart, and the senses." ~ Lao Tzu


"There is always some madness in love.But there is also always some reason in madness." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

 Love is everywhere! God is love, we love one another daily at times without giving it a second thought. We "fall" in love when we least expect. For years the debate has run...is it love or lust? Why can't both be incorporated into one? Ladies at times may idolise the "romantic" love, and men love it too, even with their rough exterior (arguably just as much, if not more than some ladies). Why not love? Love is what makes the world go 'round, and  there isn't anything better than love in my book.

So over the next few weeks I am going to meditate on all the different types of love; sharing videos, poems that have struck me, and left a blueprint on my mind, memories of love and anything that tickles my fancy.


#1 Loving You: Kees Dieffenthaller and Tessanne Chin

I  love this song, every time I see the video, hear the song, its a lightning bolt. Its melody entices and tugs on your 'heartstrings', the beautiful scenery of Trinidad and Tobago, and even the local Hi-Lo (Supermarket Chain:Trinidad) makes a guest appearance!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fear is faith it won't work out?

"Fear is faith that it won't work out"~Buddha.

Ever heard that saying? When I first did I was disturbed. Does that mean all my fears are truly based on an innate desire for things not to work out? Not likely.

Perhaps its the continuous thought that its not going to work, the "I'm not sure"declaration, that grows and manifests into that which is referred to as 'faith'. If you follow the infamous 'Secret' (which quotes the bible funnily enough). That is exactly what it is. You think about it, brood over it and in turn,  the actions which follow lead to the inevitable execution of all the negative scenarios created in your mind.

Tonight I sit, with high expectations,the excitement of a child and the fear of an adult as to what the next few days/weeks hold and how my future may be affected. My mind is clicking, brushing up on my second language, calculating what outfit I will wear, and who I need on speed dial to keep things casual and light when I start to panic.

I haven't walked in yet, into that which may be and hopefully will be the start of a new chapter in my life. Bittersweet fear grasps me. All I can proudly say is that, what is meant to be will be and the best is yet to come, and that which grasps me is NOT faith that it won't work out. Just human nature.

Most of the things you worry about NEVER happen.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Sweet T&T

Trinidad and Tobago has been struggling to achieve true democracy for years. Living in what has been deemed a 'rainbow' nation, it is sad to see that fifty years later, as an independent nation, there are still undertones of race,class and sexism.

It may not be glaringly obvious to the innocent bystander. Holidaying in Trinidad and Tobago by all means is an escape to paradise. Warm weather,tropical climate and locals who love nothing better than pleasing the tourists, advising where to go for a good lime, where to shop, and where the best local cuisine may be found, whether it is at a little shop on the corner, or in their own kitchen.

Sounds like the idyllic dream, a country blessed with its own oil and natural gas, natural beauty, lush rainforests even plains and valleys. Trinidad and Tobago holds a little piece of EVERYTHING.

But, when we pull away the fanfare,the beauty, culture and talent , what comes to light is not all sunshine and lollipops. Daily our media shows footage of gruesome murders,street crimes,drugs seizures and rapes. Our most recent incident which perhaps caught international attention was the police brutality caught on someones mobile phone, while many comment the police force for their hasty inquiry, others like myself sit back and shake their heads. This case is one out of ten that is actually being investigated.

As far as international attention goes, Trinidad is becoming a hot topic. We had a 'Crime Plan' that turned into a State of Emergency, innocent people were harassed by those who were supposed to be protecting citizens, press conferences appeared to be like a game at a child's party......pass the question/buck?! We have been embarrassed by the leaders of this nation, by their blatant  attempt to place blame upon a well decorated gentleman who was intended save our nation, who in maintenance of dignity and morale resigned.

Lets see what else has happened.



In closing, that which inspired this post. Trinidad and Tobago went into uproar yesterday when it was announced that the US Embassy released a statement associated with two individuals on fraud charges etc, and Trinidad and Tobago's refusal to extradite the parties to the US. Within hours a ticker was on media house websites ...Parliament to be convened for an emergency session within 48 hours to repeal s34 of the Administration of Justice Act 2011.

Yes it says 2011, an act created in 2011, amended during our 50 years of independence  pre-celebration....30th August 2012. What does this section promote.....take a read...

"34. (1) Where proceedings are instituted on or after
the coming into force of this Act and the Master is not,
within twelve months after the proceedings are instituted,
in a position to order that the accused be put on trial,
the Master shall discharge the accused and a verdict of
not guilty shall be recorded.
(2) Except—
(a) in the case of matters listed in
Schedule 6; or
(b) where the accused has evaded the process of
the Court,after the expiration of ten years from the date on which
an offence is alleged to have been committed—
(c) no proceedings shall be instituted for that
offence; or
(d) no trial shall commence in respect of that
(3) Except—
(a) in the case of matters listed in Schedule 6;
(b) where the accused has evaded the process of
the Court,
(c) proceedings have been instituted;
(d) an accused is committed to stand trial; or
(e) an order is made to put an accused on trial,
whether before or after the commencement of this Act,
a Judge shall, on an application by the accused,
discharge the accused and record a verdict of not guilty
if the offence is alleged to have been committed on a
date that is ten years or more before the date of the

s34 Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act 2011,

More to come....


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

True Friends.

As of recent I have been blessed with the opportunity to reconnect with a friend who made an impact in my life during my teenage years.

It has again proven to me that true friendship is not determined by the amount of time you spend with one another, but perhaps how much time you can spend apart yet still carry on a telephone conversation as though you had just seen one another yesterday.

Friendships are tried and tested, but love prevails always.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Curse of the loose tongue.

There is nothing worse than people who talk too much. You know those people that you try to discreetly move away from so that you can make a quick exit before they realise.

Years have brought numerous expressions that highlight this trait as a sign of weakness...'Empty vessels make the most noise' was a statement I grew up with, so much so it is part of language.

Sometimes I ask God to put his hand over my mouth, to learn humility and patience to deal with those whose mouths run as though there is no safety valve on  a water main.

Trinidad and Tobago is a society famous for a nation that likes to 'maco' (get involved in,eavesdrop,ask about other peoples lives,business etc). It is the norm to see curtains discreetly pushed aside as a face pops out to see who come to visit who across the street, what time the neighbour got home, who works where etc.

An old friend in passing said to me '..once you have a drop of Trini blood in you ,its other peoples business and bachannal on yuh mind'.

We all have that friend, the one who knows what is going on before the rest of the circle does, who can tell you what you are going to do before it gets done.

While it brings a unique and flavourful twist to friendship and life its important to remember that which has been proven time and time again, regardless creed, colour and race, those who gossip with you, will gossip without you....don't make the mistake to believe you can break the mould or be the exception.

Life lesson:

Spend more time focusing on you, than others around you, give and it will come back to you, karma if you want to call it that WILL deal with all those who feign humility yet live in hypocrisy.


Image Courtesy www.checkoutmyink.com